Manhattan Caribbean Week

Every winter, Manhattan Sailing School graduates are invited to join Manhattan Yacht Club for one week of FUN, SUN & SAILING. This event is known as Manhattan Caribbean Week. We travel down to the British Virgin Islands at the end of Janary, during the deepest and darkest part of the winter in NYC. This is when we need the warmth of the Caribbean sun the most! We sail on beautiful charter boats and visit some incredible islands. Each boat is skippered by one of our sailing instructors or a club member. You can sign up for this winter vacation by yourself or with friends.

Manhattan Caribbean Week is an exclusive event, only open to Manhattan Sailing School graudates, Manhattan Yacht Club members are their friends. This is the way we keep it super great and fun.

After you enroll in Basic Sailing, you will receive a link to our on-line learning courses. One of these courses is “How to Become a Caribbean Sailor.” This will give you an idea of the great adventure that awaits you next winter.

The next Manhattan Caribbean Week will be January 23 to 31, 2020.