August 1 – 4, 2016

One of the best educational values of the summer is our “hands-on” Coastal Navigation Cruise.  You will learn all the items required for Coastal Navigation and also experience real-life navigating at the same time.

The Coastal Navigation Cruise starts in Newport, RI, the sailing capitol of the East Coast.  Then you will make 2 overnight stops as you cruise back to New york Harbor.  The first stop is Sag Harbor, in the center of the famous Hamptons.  The second stop is Oyster Bay, one of the most beautiful locations on Long Island Sound.

This 4 day educational trip will take place “Arabella,” the stunning 157-foot flagship of Manhattan Yacht Club.  Arabella is an excellent teaching platform.  She is stable and able to operate smoothly in almost all wind conditions.  There is a large dining area which will serve as our classroom afloat.  Arabella also has a full range of navigational instruments.  In addition to the ASA Coastal Navigation items, you will also be exposed to GPS charterplotters and radar in action.

Tuition – $395

Berths – $750 per person

Food & beverages – $40 per person per day = $240 per person

Total Fee = $


Monday, August 1 – arrive in Newport, RI and board Arabella. Share an evening cocktail onboard with the Captain. Then head ashore for dinner at any of the famous sailing hangouts in Newport.

Tuesday, August 2 – Cruise Sag Harbor.

Wednesday, August 3 – Cruise to Oyster Bay.

Thursday, August 4 – cruise to New York Harbor, disembark