Time Out NY breaks the story – CLICK HERE to watch the video. Manhattan Sailing School is the leading school in the tri-State area. Here is what our students say:


Leslie, May 2019 – Patience and commitment to make sure we understood the material. The staff at MYC is helpful and friendly. I appreciated that here was no sales pitch for membership but opportunity to learn if interested. John is clearly an expert sailor and experienced teacher.

Flor Tejada, October 2018 – Charles was extremely patient and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed how hands on the class was from the very beginning. I really appreciated learning by doing and not just through reading the book. He created a very fun learning environment. This course really felt life changing and activated a passion in me that I really knew I wanted but wasn’t quite sure if I could. Even though this was a basic beginners class, Charles made us all feel really encouraged to continue to pursue this lifestyle and sport. Looking forward to continuing my education with Manhattan Sailing School!

Kriti Garg, September 2018 – Overall Experience: Life Changing! Charles is a great sailing mentor who really understands each character that walks into his class and finds a unique and fun way to keep everyone engaged! He is able to really observe the skills you already have and help you fine tune them while also giving you the chance to really figure it out for yourself.

Darren Pegram, September 2018 – Teaching in a calm, relaxed practicable way. Inspiring confidence in your own ability. Making the experience fun. You can’t improve perfection. I’ll be joining the sailing club after this fantastic experience.

Susan Marcus, September 2018 – Kristof was a fantastic teacher. Very clear, very patient, and very thorough. We were mostly beginners and he had a lot of patience on the water. He also had a nice balance of letting us learn but being there if something got messed up. He had a real love of sailing and it was contagious! I had a fantastic time!! Would definitely recommend this to others.

Kevin Cuenca, September 2018 – Extremely dedicated. He not only showed up but he delivered even though it was cold and rainy on the first day and windless on the second. He offered to make up for the windless day, which really made this course exceed my expectations. I also enjoyed Charles and James mini-navigation course while we waited for the wind to come. You have an excellent team that truly cares about the student’s individual experiences.

Sultan Barazi, September 2018 – Overall Experience: Life Changing! I think Carl might be the best instructor I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. He is extremely patient and natural in his instruction. He exudes confidence in his craft and you can tell he loves to sail which is inspiring. I really can’t think of anything he could have done better.

Peter Agnone Ruane, September 2018 – He didn’t over-teach. He gave us the right instruction we needed to hear, and let us make our own way and was there for every question we had. It was choppy and windy and rainy but he gave plenty of explanation on how to handle it and what our float plan was and nobody was concerned (at least not me). I really enjoyed it and learned so much and as my wife said, if we still like sailing after going all that way in the rain and wind, we’re hooked. …. And we still like it, thanks certainly in part to James’s instruction. This course, with the material covered, and the distance sailed, truly gives the student a taste of real sailing. It’s such an adventure in just two days! I’m definitely ready to sign up for a much longer cruise!

Alexandria Robertson, Aug 2018 – Clear instruction, patient, let us get a lot of practice, made everyone feel relaxed and created an environment that made us really excited about continuing with sailing! We would have liked to do the coastal sailing course as soon as possible but it’s sold out for the remaining weekends we are free this year. We will 100% be back in the spring! I honestly have no negative feedback. Really amazing experience – thank you so much!

Mayan Malter, Aug 2018 – He was very focused, attentive, and calm the entire time. He was a very good teacher and clearly passionate about the sport! Really enjoyed the course and can’t wait to sail again!

Kathy Karthaeuser, Aug 2018 – Overall Experience: Life Changing! Interaction with individuals. Sonya also made us a cohesive group, a real team. Strengths: technical knowledge, patience, excellent people skills, her sense of calmness (my husband & I sailed and I have seen captains get pretty intense at times) Sonya remained calm at all times no matter how heavy boating traffic got (both pleasure crafts and commercial). Having sailed for many years, in the past, there is nothing in the way of recommendations; Sonya is a terrific instructor. This is one experience that will be with me for a long time and will bring a smile every time I think of it.

Danette Jaeb, Aug 2018 – Charles sincerely cares that his students learn. He seems to assess how each of us learns best and applies the appropriate technique when working with us. He is clearly an expert sailor and able to explain and demonstrate in ways that make it understandable and easy to remember. He gives us hands-on practice and never chides anyone when they make a mistake. He is calm and collected, fun and interesting. I would recommend this course in a heartbeat. Especially with Charles as the instructor. It was a memorable and fabulous experience. It also was very practical as I was there to improve my sailing knowledge and skills and feel much more confident now in practicing what I learned. I also appreciate that the class size is so small and that we all had opportunity to test our skills.

Adarsh Mammen Verghese, Aug 2018 – He treats you like a sailor from the second you start rigging till you dock the boat. I personally like this approach way better than easing into things in a slow pace. I think he was great.

Ian Remler, Aug 2018 – Sonya has a commanding knowledge of sailing and answered not only our questions pertaining to the class but the myriad tangent topics we also touched on i.e.; various costs involved in gear and different boats, etc. Sonya also provided the class in a logical progression, covering truly a vast amount of material and yet there was no rush, but a simple patient delivery of the information and instruction with many smiles and an easy going atmosphere. Not only would my husband and I take another class from her, I’m sure we’d have a lovely time simply socializing with her should we meet on the Willy Wall. The only thing I can recommend is for Sonya to put a little more effort, and perhaps some of her own resources, into installing an espresso machine on the J24. Seriously, while not a character flaw, my husband and I felt this was a glaring oversight which should be attended to with haste. The schools life preservers seemed to be in need of some organization. I would recommend the school assign them to specific boats, or perhaps have each captain “check them out” (like library books) so that there’s no question of where they might be. This was a very small issue, but addressing it might tighten up your game by 5%.

Alexander Dubin, August 2018 – Always calm and had good control over the boat as well as being good about covering all the material.

Andrew Callow, August 2018 – Patrick was calm, knowledgeable, worked to each of our strengths and very instructive. His knowledge of the tide and currents allowed us to explore pst the Verrazano, and up both rivers, as well as deploying and using the spinnaker.

Justin Travis, October 2018 – Rubayet was a great instructor! He struck a good balance of boat anatomy/terminology and practical experience. While he prepared us well for the exam, he also stressed the importance of thinking beyond the exam. The only way to really lean how to sail is by sailing! He would introduce a certain role or function we’d have to perform on the boat, MAYBE demonstrate it, then instruct us to do it. While this could be daunting at first, it probably resulted in us better remembering the correct techniques. He expects a lot of his students, but we’re there to learn. Overall it was a great experience! I really wasn’t sure what to expect going in, and ended the weekend feeling like sailing was something I could actually pursue. There’s only so much sailing one can do in 2 days, and only so much one can experience, but I felt like it was a great crash course and enough to know if I really wanted to pursue it or not.

Alan and Maria Hunter, October 2018 – My husband had some prior boating experience, but I was a complete novice. Kristof did a great job explaining sailing concepts both by showing on paper and real practice. By the end of the class we felt comfortable taking the boat out ourselves. Kristof was friendly, outgoing, and easy to connect to. Small group setting gave everyone an opportunity to get plenty of practice. Our weekend was a blast!

Stellan, October 2018 – Clear communication, able to connect with each person and know how to help with their weak points and strong points! You guys are the best! My sailing class was the greatest Birthday present I have ever received, and I can’t wait to sail with y’all in BVI.

Jackie Belanoff-Smith, October 2018 – He was incredibly passionate and knowledgeable in sailing, evident immediately. He teaches in a very understandable way. He made sure we rotated and learned every area of the vessel. He even went over knots during a fantastic lunch of his recommendation too. I walked away knowing so much more about sailing, with an increased passion for it. I can’t wait to sail more because of my experience and my instructor, who painstakingly made sure I knew what I was doing every step of the way. It was life changing.

Jaime Evans, September 2018 – Sonya was amazing to have as an instructor. It was obvious she is an experienced sailor – she was able to answer any questions our group had. You could really tell by watching her that she loves sailing. She explained everything in detail and made sure we rotated on the boat so everyone could try out the different tasks. She made great lunch recommendations too!

Brian Burlant, September 2018 – Extremely knowledgeable, experienced, calm, and entertaining. Charles is a consummate sailor and teacher. He made the sail fun and challenging; what more can you ask for? Definitely recommend the course as next step for anyone who has taken Basic Sailing and wants to progress. Enjoyable and an opportunity to take your skills to the next level on a cruise that offers greater challenges and fun.

Alanna Kaivalya, September 2018 – James was both professional and personable. He was keen on having a good time with us AND being a super awesome and thorough sailing instructor. We learned so much and even though the weather was TERRIBLE, we had so much fun! We’re loving our experience with the Sailing Club!

Karen Kirk, September 2018 – Calm, Informative, Encouraging, Helpful, Patient – Kristof taught us so much in two days without us really feeling like we were being taught. The “learn by doing” approach makes this course fun and you absolutely learn a lot about the basics of sailing.

Ruth Link, August 2018 – Kristof is kind, patient, has a great teaching style, incredibly (‘incredibly’ should be bold and underlined!) knowledgeable and very passionate about sailing. I like how he had us learn a lot through ‘doing’. He definitely gave us insight into the textbook knowledge, but put great emphasis on the practical application of what we were learning. Through repetition, instruction and also learning from our fellow crew the whole experience was more meaningful. We have definitely been inspired and encouraged to continue with our sailing goals; thank you so much for this. We really thought it was a lovely gesture to have the BBQ and award ceremony at the completion of the course. Thank you!! It gave us a chance to chat to our team and meet some of the other instructors. It also gave us the opportunity to appreciate the surroundings of the club, and take in the beautiful evening presented to us. Was a little taste of future times to come – we hope! 🙂  All of the other instructors we spoke to throughout the course of the evening were also very kind, knowledgeable welcoming and passionate about sailing and the club. It was great to be a part of this atmosphere!

Sen Zhang, August 2018 – Charles was a fantastic and incredibly effective instructor. He did a great job of combining teaching with creating a fun and engaging environment on the boat. In the moment, it felt less like a ‘class’ than a cool opportunity to spend a weekend on the water with interesting people. Still, by the end of the weekend, I was surprised by how much I learned, how much I retained, and how comfortable I felt steering a boat under different conditions. My wife and I have been raving about the experience ever since, and we hope to make sailing a more regular part of our lives.

Claire Huang, August 2018 – He stayed calm even when we made mistakes while sailing. He also had a racing background, so he drew on his experience to explain the fundamentals on a deeper level.  I wish we got a better understanding of the structure of the course in the beginning—like knowing how long we’ll be sailing, the flexibility we have, what sailing techniques we’ll be focusing on at what time, etc. Carl was really great! I would definitely recommend anyone to take classes with him again!

Alexandra Ortego, Aug. 2018 – Charles was a phenomenal instructor. He did a great job balancing learning and fun and was overall just fun to hang out with. He also understood that learning on the boat was much more high yield than in a classroom which I appreciated. At the end I was surprised by how much I learned and it was great spending a weekend on the water. Would absolutely recommend Charles to a friend.

Sarah Ramey, Aug. 2018 – Richard is very personable, patient, encouraging, efficient, but meticulous. I think he could likely teach sailing to any type of personality. We had a blast sailing with him while simultaneously learning so much. I was really impressed with Richard, so I have no specific notes for improvement. I’d definitely sail with Richard again. It was a fantastic weekend! Looking forward to continuing sailing, so that I hopefully, don’t forget everything I learned.

Christine Brown, August 2018 – Charles made sailing fun and real. He has a unique ability to tailor his teaching to the skill level of each individual student. His substantive knowledge is unparalleled. The Course was amazing. I am looking forward to the next one.

Luke Kosc, August 2018 – Conor is very knowledgeable. He is personable and his extensive knowledge shows through his ability to present each topic with simple, easy to understand examples. Excellent program.