What time are kids returned at the end of the day?

Kids can get picked up in Jersey City at 5 pm every day and in Manhattan at the WFC Ferry Terminal at 5:12 pm. Our instructors will stay with the kids until they are picked up.


Do you provide lunch, snacks, etc?

NYHSF provides water but all kids should bring their own lunches and snacks.


About how many children do you expect this summer?

We expect to sell out all 40 Optimist spots again this summer.  Please sign up soon so you have a spot in the weeks you want.


Do most kids go all summer, or do some kids start later?  We might only be able to do a few weeks in August, but I don’t want him to just be starting if most kids have been sailing all summer.

Most kids enroll for 2 or more weeks.  A few kids do the entire summer but most families go on vacation from the city and kids miss a few weeks.  Also, many kids sign up for just a few weeks because they do other things during the summer as well.  Every week, there are new kids trying the program and beginning as Greenies.  Don’t worry about starting in August, every week there are new kids.


If we want to purchase an Opti, can you help organize that?  About how much should we budget?

There are many Optis for sale at various price points on the internet or at any Opti dealer such as Colie Sails or the Boat Locker.